How to Restore an Edwardian Family Home

Melbourne’s Edwardian homes offer boundless potential to anyone looking to undertake a heritage restoration. Lacking the heaviness and ornate clutter of previous Victorian-era houses, Edwardians are a fantastic choice for restoration due to a light and spacious style that is conducive to modern living.

Prominent in the Stonnington suburbs of Malvern and Armadale, Port Phillip suburbs Middle Park and Port Melbourne, and the Bayside locales of Brighton and Hampton, Edwardian architecture is incredibly beautiful and forward-thinking for its time. So for anyone seeking to update their home while preserving its iconic heritage charm, this is how to restore an Edwardian family home.

What is an Edwardian home?

Edwardian homes draw inspiration from the Victorian architectural style, referencing the grandeur of the Queen Anne revival period. During the Federation period of Australia’s history, this architectural style was widely built throughout Victoria, as evidence by the proliferation of Edwardian homes that can still be found in Melbourne – particularly in the suburbs of Malvern and Armadale.

The Edwardian’s most iconic features include red brick exteriors, wooden fretwork, and pitched terracotta tiles or galvanised iron roofing. They are also recognisable by their use of beautiful stained glass windows at the front of the house, creating a lasting impression on Australian’s for decades.

Understand the heritage laws

Before you start putting plans in place, you’ll want to make sure you’re completely aware of the heritage laws surrounding your house and area. The City of Stonnington for example, home of Malvern and Armadale, gains much of its renowned beauty from the concentration of Edwardian homes within the area – and understandably, seeks to protect this beauty through strict heritage laws.

Failure to research the restrictions in place and gain the appropriate permits could not only bring your Edwardian renovation to a grinding halt midway through the project, but it could also leave you seriously out of pocket from fines and additional construction expenses.

Restore it with love

Renovations to your Edwardian home should be done with a careful consideration of not only the specific features that are protected by heritage laws, but with an overall appreciation of its historic beauty. The first step to embracing your Edwardian’s unique charm should be engaging a builder with extensive experience restoring period homes, like SECON Constructions. In all our years restoring remarkable Edwardian homes, we haven’t met anyone who wanted to part with those gorgeous stained glass windows or the iconic red-brick facade!

While your goal may be to update the home for your modern lifestyle, it certainly pays to be sympathetic to its period character – and in more ways than one. Firstly, their beautiful and unique charm makes Edwardian homes incredibly sought after – so why change their most attractive trait? Secondly, preserving its period features while restoring its functionality in a manner that is tasteful and considerate of its history is guaranteed to add immense value to your home if you do choose to sell in the future.

Seamlessly marry the old and new

Edwardian homes are so desirable for their unrivalled ability to blend contemporary design with period charm. With an unprecedented architectural focus on natural light and air circulation for an older style home, Edwardian’s already present a fantastic foundation for you to update to suit your lifestyle.

Preserving the facade and beautifully ornate details like grand fireplaces, while modernising the interiors with clean lines and fresh lighting has proven to have fantastic results. No matter your desired lifestyle, Melbourne’s Edwardian homes are adaptable enough to offer comfortable family living within a stunning period structure.

Get in touch

Restoring an Edwardian home while preserving its unique character requires an experienced and trustworthy builder. Get in touch with Melbourne’s leading renovators of remarkable period homes at Secon Constructions, to achieve a home that is extraordinary as you are!

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