Why Choose Design and Construct

Design and construct is becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking to streamline their construction project. With your design team and building team under the one roof, you can relax and actually enjoy the process, instead of acting as a ‘middleman’ between all the different parties involved in the construction of your home. 

As design and construct specialists in Melbourne’s inner south and bayside, we’ve guided multiple clients through the process. Here’s exactly why we recommend it as the superior way to build your dream home. 

What is design and construct? 

Design and construct sees the same team work on your home from concept to completion, meaning there’s just one point of accountability through the entire project. The same person will project manage everything, from your drawings and budgets through to council approvals and the actual construction, leaving you to relax and watch your dream home come to life. 

The benefits of design and construct

As mentioned, design and construct offers clients a streamlined building process, with one point of contact throughout the entire build. However, that’s not the only benefit!

Avoid budget blowout

Engaging a builder for a design and construct project means you have access to their expertise from day dot. As the people with the most up-to-date information on material costs, technology and feasibility, they will be able to advise you on exactly how much everything will cost, as well as sharing information on the newest building technology. Paired with an in-house architect and interior designer, you’ll receive plans that match your vision, without blowing your budget. 

Quicker process

In a traditional build, you’d have to allocate some time to go back and forth from architect and builder, making adjustments to your plans to ensure they can be fulfilled. With the design and construct process, this collaboration is built into the planning stage, saving you time down the line. It also reduces the waiting time for responses, as your project manager should know about every element of your build, and therefore answer any questions anyone involved might have. 

Higher quality

When working with consultants and outstanding builders for a design and construct project, you can almost guarantee they all share the same attention to detail and dedication to high quality. This means the end result will be the very best version of your dream home, with the very best craftsmanship in both construction and design. When working with separate businesses, there is a risk of introducing an unknown party that may not represent these same values. 


If you’re thinking about building your dream home with design and construct, get in touch with the SECON Constructions team. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.

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