Why Australians Love Heritage Homes

The word ‘heritage’ can be described as all the things that make up Australia’s identity – our spirit, our historic buildings, and our unique and wide living landscapes. Our heritage is a legacy from the past, a part of our life today, and what we can pass on to future generations to come.

When we refer to a heritage home here in Melbourne, we think back to the popular architectural styles of the late 19th and early 20th century, when suburbs such as Prahran, Windsor, South Yarra, Armadale and Malvern were largely established. 

Fortunately for the discerning home buyer today, a great many of these beautiful homes still exist. It’s amazing to consider that many of these timber houses from approximately 135 years ago still have the original Baltic pine floors, block fronted weatherboards, iron lacework and fireplaces from when they were first built.

Over the past decade, these homes have had a resurgence in popularity. So why exactly do Australians love heritage homes so much?

Their unique foundations

These homes are pretty and carry a unique kind of character and charm – but they’re also built to be durable and liveable. They tend to be bright and airy and are set high off the ground on solid foundations, with large windows and high ceilings that let in more natural light. There’s a reason prospective renovators love these homes, and it’s because they offer incredible potential for modernisation.

Beautiful heritage details

They possess ornamentation, symmetry and a sense of grandeur and height. Some are embellished with opulence and grand marble fireplaces, intricate filigree patterns, arched hallways, elaborate ceiling roses and larger, more generous rooms throughout. These beautiful details can be incorporated into your renovation in a way that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

If you are lucky enough to snag yourself one of these heritage beauties, which are currently going for over $2m for just over 200sqm – then you are after a building company who truly understands your need to tie in new elements while utilising the beautiful ‘old’ bones of your new abode. 

They’re rare – and getting rarer!

Heritage homes are rare – and becoming rarer, placing them in higher demand. Not only do these homes offer beautiful foundations to build upon and modernise, but they also offer a feeling of warmth, character and a different kind of ‘homely’ that can’t always be achieved in a new modern home.

This high demand also makes buying and renovating a heritage home a fantastic investment. If you decide to sell down the line, chances are your home will have increased in value as buyers look to snap up a heritage space of their own!

With the right builder, you can create a truly inspired space

Heritage homes are comfortable, spacious and ever-so-inviting. They look good from the street front as well as on the inside. These traits can sometimes not be found in modern homes. When renovated right with a specialised builder who is skilful, experienced, and dedicated to their craft, you’re guaranteed a home that will serve you well into the future while telling a story of generations past.

We recently completed a modern heritage renovation for a client that sought a home that they could genuinely love, had fantastic liveability, and was full of character. Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

“We wanted to do a really high-quality build, and we were looking for a builder that was really good with communication, and that was experienced. I liked the way that SECON dedicate a whole team to one project. They are such a good builder, and they want to do a job that they’re proud of as well. It makes me want to do another one!”

You can watch their testimonial video below:

At SECON Constructions, our team are passionate about crafting remarkable heritage home restorations. We understand how to work within council restrictions and how to fuse heritage elements with more modern touches. We have a trusted network of heritage tradespeople and suppliers to provide you with the highest quality materials, which are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Most importantly, we know why Australian’s love heritage homes so much – and know how to work with them to bring out these features. Whether it’s a townhouse in Port Melbourne, a heritage-listed terrace in Brighton or a bespoke design in Malvern, we can help you create an extraordinary home that’s just as unique as you are. 

To begin your heritage renovation journey, get in touch with SECON Constructions today.

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