Where To Save & Splurge In Your Heritage Restoration

Budgeting for a heritage restoration requires a delicate balance of historical preservation and contemporary modernisation. SECON Constructions understands the art to restoring heritage homes, which is a popular option in Australia. Our specialist experience with heritage-listed homes in Melbourne’s southeast showcases our love and respect when revitalising these beautiful builds.

Following are some tips for where you can save and where you can spend on your heritage build.


Restorative solutions

An important aspect of a heritage restoration budget is deciding on priority costs upfront. Do you want to restore an original fireplace, install a replicate, or consider affordable modern heating alternatives that complement period architecture?

The fine details

Committing to only vintage materials—flooring, windows, fixtures—can price hike a heritage restoration. With expert advice, restoration becomes a design evolution celebrating traditional appeal while welcoming modern elements to your home.

Sustainable decisions

In terms of future savings, incorporating energy-efficient choices into your heritage renovation can have a huge impact on energy usage. Consider heating, cooling, and how you can improve insulation and comfort through informed design decisions.

Affordable extensions

A heritage renovation with an extension doesn’t have to recreate initial building conditions. Modern extensions can be budget-friendly interpretations. SECON Constructions smart extensions capture current design trends while respecting a home’s character and history.


Updating your kitchen

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Commit a portion of your budget and bring your kitchen into current day. A heritage renovation can introduce up-to-date food preparation and storage features while still meeting heritage listing requirements.

Plumbing and bathroom makeover

Luxe up your bathroom with a refit that offers an aesthetic makeover and incorporates modern grooming conveniences. Be aware heritage renovations will often reveal archaic plumbing in need of an extensive overhaul.

Heritage craftspeople

Heritage homes are a niche speciality. Choose experienced craftspeople who ensure flawless restoration of heritage detailing, and stunning recreation of historical features. Professionals in this area may cost more but they deliver breathtaking results.

Comfortable living upgrades

Heritage homes should be practical to live in as well as aesthetically pleasing. Update all technology and electrical elements, consider new lighting schemes, introduce air conditioning and heating systems, and address insulation (i.e. double-glazed windows).

Standby funds

An emergency fund is essential for a heritage renovation, as unexpected costs can arise. Surprises may include hidden asbestos, wiring, piping, roofing or structural issues. Prepare access to capital so any complications can be properly addressed.

In summary

Working with heritage home experts means avoiding costly DIY pitfalls. It’s important to consider all requirements in the lead up to your build including permits and regulations critical to renovations. We have the longstanding industry contacts necessary to secure all requirements and materials, as well as expert trades and crafts people.

At SECON Constructions we know the ins and outs of the entire process and will work with you to ensure your home renovation brings your vision to life.

Let’s begin your restoration

Passionate about truly exceptional restorations, our experienced team can help you with budget allocation based on a flawless history of stunning Heritage renovations throughout Melbourne’s inner south and Bayside area.

Working with SECON Constructions means our specialist knowledge as a boutique construction company is at your disposal every step of the way. Contact us with questions you have regarding your heritage restoration, we’re always happy to help.

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