Our Experts Walk You Through The Design and Construct Process

When you build a new home, there’s a misconception that you need to go to an architect or designer before you approach a builder. Trying to juggle all three parties at once can be overwhelming.

But at SECON Constructions, we offer a design and construct service that allows you to create and build your home under one roof. That means just one point of contact to arrange all pre-construction preliminaries.

You’ll have exclusive access to our talented architect and interior designer who will work closely with our construction team to deliver your dream home within budget and on time.

Want to learn more? Below, we walk you through the design and construct service with SECON Constructions. 

The first steps

The journey begins with a questionnaire so we can learn about your vision for your dream home, and how we can build it for you. Once that is complete, we’ll sit down with you and have a deeper conversation about crafting a home you can build a life in. Then we put together a feasibility study.

Designed to your needs

As part of our design and construct service, we organise everything for you – from floor plans to engineering.

We collaborate with expert interior designers, Hayley Page and Katherine Stewart, from Page Stewart, who focus on creating designs unique to each client to produce something that is both beautiful and functional.

“We definitely don’t have one signature style, we really want to embody what the client is after and try and physically design around that,” Hayley says.

Having the interior designer, architect and builder involved early ensures seamless communication, understanding and teamwork throughout the process.

Builders can understand what the architect and interior designer are aiming for aesthetically and as Katherine says, she can understand what the builder wants to achieve in terms of constructability.

And with the builder involved early, they can keep the architect and designer on budget too.

Upfront from the start

At SECON, we provide a detailed cost estimate for our clients, ensuring transparency from the beginning – and onwards.

Delivering your dream home is incredibly important to us and if we can hand over the keys faster – without compromising on our quality – we will.

Peter Considine, director of SECON Constructions says one of the biggest benefits of choosing design and construct is the amount of time saved.

The architectural tender process can be long and drawn out, but we ensure a faster turnaround by working with our team of consultants to keep your build running smoothly.

Peace of mind

Since the company’s inception 15 years ago, we have made a name for ourselves as trusted industry experts. For our clients, that means they can rest easy knowing we are just as passionate about their homes as they are.

“The homes that we’ve been finishing now are proof itself that as a team, we create a masterpiece every time,” Peter says.

There are plenty of moving parts in building a new home but choosing design and construct can save you time and money, and be a less stressful building experience overall.

Get in touch with SECON Construction today to learn more about our design and construct service. 

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