How To Make The Entrance Of Your Home Leave A Lasting Impression

They say first impressions make a lasting impact, and that’s true for homes too. Whether you’re building your forever home, or giving your existing one a refresh, it’s important to create a striking entrance that feels timeless and aesthetic. So, whether it’s a property valuer or a neighbour popping around, you’ll never have to worry about the impression your home has made. Read on to discover our recommendations on how to achieve this.

Pathway and Porch

The impression of your entryway starts far before the front door and begins all the way at the pathway that leads to your porch. Unkempt weeds, poor lighting solutions and an undefined path are sure ways to make a questionable first impression.

A well-maintained path complemented by some simple yet tidy landscaping is sure to leave a lasting impression. Incorporating plants on either side of the path not only adds some texture but helps define your pathway. Even just a neat and tidy lawn can go a long way, adding vibrance and clean, crisp lines.

If gardening isn’t your forte, or you know your front garden won’t receive enough light to sustain your plants, you can substitute the ones along the pathway with some lighting features instead, and utilise various crushed rocks and floor tiles to create a striking, defined pathway.

If you have/are building a front porch, it’s best to keep this area clutter-free. That means no muddy boots and miscellaneous items. You can add a homely touch with a comfortable porch seat and side table, and an assortment of potted plants. If you know that keeping this area clutter-free won’t be sustainable, investing in some storage solutions may be the way to go – for example, a chest that also adds character.

Front Door

If you aren’t afraid to make a statement, then a coloured front door is the way to go. Choose a colour that’s bold yet still harmonises with your façade; citrus yellow or a bright red may be a suitable option. But if bold isn’t what you’re going for, then a textural timber door may work for you. Add a modern touch with straight grooves, or invest in a doorknob, knocker and house number plaque to add a sense of character.

Whichever option you choose for your front door, make sure it’s weather resistant and easy to clean, otherwise you may run the risk of having an outdated, faded front door far before you anticipate replacing it. In saying that, keep your front door clean and well-maintained, whether that means oiling or touching up with paint.

Entrance Way

The entry just beyond the front door is the final space that will leave a lasting first impression. It’s best to keep this space clean, uncluttered and inviting. Avoid using it as a dumping ground for shoes, bags, coats and keys by utilising hidden storage solutions so everything has its own place; a character-filled console can be a great solution. Add warmth with a textural rug and fresh flowers on rotation and add dimension with a striking mirror.

If you’d like to take your entrance way that one step further, consider a skylight or bold chandelier to keep this space ambient and light-filled. But remember, it’s all about moderation so as not to create a cluttered feel.

However you approach the entryway of your home, it’s important to choose a builder who understands your vision and has the capacity to bring it to life. We’d recommend bringing your ideas to the initial design stage where you can collaborate with your builder on how best to utilise your space to leave a lasting impression from day one.

At SECON, we work together with you to craft a tailored home that exceeds your expectations. If you’re looking to build your forever home, contact us today to take your first step on this exciting journey.

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