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Your dream home in Caulfield awaits

We believe building is a personal experience that starts and ends with your own unique vision. Not sure how you imagine your ideal home? We’ll work with you to build your vision from the ground up, crafting a home you can build a life in.


Our core pillars underpin our operations, ensuring that our business runs smoothly so we are equipped to help you transition seamlessly from one stage of development to the next. They are:


Our business operates with a high level of integrity. As a boutique construction company specialising in high-end residences across Melbourne’s prestigious inner south and bayside suburbs, our integrity underpins everything we do and makes us who we are.


We are committed to the utmost honesty and transparency throughout every step of your design and construction journey, communicating with you clearly and succinctly every step of the way. Our agile, seamless business operations behind the scenes means we can operate as efficiently as possible, executing your dream home flawlessly.


We are just as passionate as you are when it comes to creating the home of your dreams. We’re committed to first-class service, and we’ll strive to create a remarkable home that stays true to your vision.


We aren’t married to our own design ideas. Our team will listen to and respect your preferences and be flexible to your needs; it’s your home, after all. We’re aware of industry trends and new design innovations but the most important part of our service offering is to create an exquisite home that’s just as unique as you are.

Our Story

Secon Constructions is a boutique construction company, founded by Peter Considine, an accomplished construction expert. Since the company’s inception almost 15 years ago, we have quickly carved out an enviable niche, specialising in premium residential custom renovations and creating remarkable new high-end residences.

For over a decade, we have been building, developing and renovating premium residential property across Melbourne’s prestigious inner south and bayside areas. Our team can work from historic Malvern & Armadale, to the bayside locales of Brighton and Hampton and City of Port Phillip suburbs including Port Melbourne and Middle Park. Our company has grown from strength to strength over the years, working faster, more efficiently, and to deadline in order to achieve every client’s unique vision, time after time.



Over the years, Secon Constructions have established a steadfast reputation for pushing boundaries and applying the latest in building technique and style. We also remain focused on adhering to budget while simultaneously utilising high-quality, high-end finishes, and we’ve never had a project run over schedule.

High-end, impeccable service that’s still human

We deliver first-class customer service and professionalism, using only the highest-quality materials, guaranteed to stand the test of time. We take pride in each project, large or small, whether we’re conducting the delicate restoration of a heritage-listed façade in Armadale or bringing a client’s dream Bayside home to life from the ground up.

We’ll tell it like it is

Transparency is paramount in our operations, throughout each step in the journey towards creating a new home. We’ll communicate clearly with each client, establishing expectations on exactly what is achievable and when, using our expert opinion to guide and assist you with crucial decisions throughout the process.

We’ll restore your heritage home to its former glory

Our expert knowledge and experience with heritage-listed homes in Melbourne’s south east have qualified us to conduct the alterations of these homes with the utmost care and sensitivity to heritage restrictions, delicately reviving them to their former glory. Our specialist skills allow us to seamlessly fuse classic and modern styles to establish new spaces that leverage a distinct appeal.

Fundamentally, our team is passionate about maintaining the integrity and charm of heritage homes, whether our clients choose to retain their home’s unique heritage character or need our help unifying classic design elements with more contemporary touches.

We’ll accomplish your dream home, flawlessly

We believe you shouldn’t have to make compromises on key design elements you desire. We’ll help you achieve your distinct, one-of-a-kind vision, because your new home should be as unique as you are.


Are you ready to create the blueprints for your new home? Contact Peter directly for a consultation and start planning your next project with us.

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