Why Do Builders Charge for Quotes?

At SECON Constructions, we put the highest level of effort, quality and attention to detail into everything we do, and this includes providing quotes. While some volume builders offer a basic 2 page quote for a construction project, we offer a comprehensive building proposal, something we believe every custom home builder should offer.

A custom home is not like a project home, which is replicated hundreds of times, nor should it be approached in the same way. Of course, creating a detailed proposal, tailored to a specific home, takes time and as we know – time is money. 

Keep reading to learn why SECON and many other custom home builders charge for quotes.

What is the proposal process?

The process of creating a detailed building proposal will vary based on what stage of the process you’re at and the documentation you’ve obtained. Have you already attained plans from an architect or building designer, engineer and interior designer and had surveying works completed? Your answers to these questions will influence the cost of your proposal and the next steps.

At SECON, our proposal process follows 13 simple steps. Depending on what part of the building journey you engage our team, you may or may not work through all of the below steps with us.

1. Analysis of plans, existing plans and construction documentation

2. Site visit with client

In this meeting we’ll discuss details, requirements, timeframes, constraints (if applicable), budget & assess the site and surrounds.

3. Budget and project feasibility

This includes organising approximate costings for the “project total” so you can work out your actual build cost.

4. Consult with relevant professionals & develop construction documents

We’ll consult with an architect, engineer, interior designer & certifier at this time and get started on any necessary construction documents.

5. Begin the quoting process

6. Contact relevant trades & suppliers for prices, negotiating accordingly

7. Develop a timeline of events to establish project duration

8. Quantify expected hours on the job, labour costs & assess insurance requirements

9. Provide a fully detailed building proposal

10. Refine inclusions and exclusions to ensure the end product matches your vision and budget

11. Provide comprehensive construction details

This will include project price, a detailed scope of works, scheduled start date, timeline of events & payment schedule.

12. On acceptance, we’ll produce a Master Builders fixed price contract for the client

We have the above deliverables provided to clients in a timely manner, maintaining communication should there be any disruptions during the process. Our proposals are detailed and transparent and whenever possible we will meet with clients to present the final document and go through it in detail.

In addition, when you pay for a quote from SECON, this document belongs to you. We encourage you to source other quotes and invite you to compare us (our service, past projects and testimonials, approach and prices) with other custom home builders.

How much does a proposal cost?

As we’ve mentioned, there is a significant amount of time, effort and money that goes into the preparation of a detailed building proposal. In order to provide this high level of service, we require payment for this service, which includes a consultation to review and answer any questions you may have. Of course, this fee is deducted from the final construction contract price if you choose to build with us.

The fee we charge will depend on the estimated length and complexity of your project. For example, a small renovation project may cost around $800 to quote, while an architecturally-designed home, with plans supplied, may cost around $2,500.

Is there another way?

We know this approach isn’t for everyone, so we do offer an alternate method – the “normal” builders quote. While we call this a quote, it is more of an estimate where a simple square metre rate is applied. This does not include a Bill of Quantities, nor will it see us source quotes from suppliers and subcontractors. 

While this service is free of charge, we wouldn’t recommend it as it often leads to unnecessary variations, disappointment and disputes during construction, not to mention extensions of the construction period, which will cost you time and money.

At SECON, we strongly believe in adding value to your entire construction journey. Whether that be in the preliminary stages, during construction or after handover, we are dedicated to bringing your dream to life in the highest quality, with little stress.

While we may charge a fee for a detailed building proposal, we’re sure you’ll find that your investment will pay dividends as our procedures and systems are well practiced and very thorough. If you’re ready to engage our team for a detailed building proposal, get in touch with the team at SECON Constructions today!

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