Our Process

At SECON, we believe building is a personal experience that starts and ends with your own unique vision. Not sure how you imagine your remarkable new home? We’ll work with you to build your vision from the ground up, crafting a high-end residence you can build a life in.

Consultation and Site Inspection

We’ll meet with you on-site to discuss your requirements, budget and construction options. We’ll also conduct a free site inspection, which will allow us to give you an accurate cost estimate and ensure there are no financial mishaps down the track.


We’ll organise a meeting with our very own architect and interior designer to discuss your dream luxury home or heritage renovation in depth. Having a builder, architect and interior design on board at the beginning means everyone is on the same page from the beginning when it comes to your project. Should you already have plans drawn up, we can also help to translate this into reality.

Tender Process

We’ll prepare a detailed cost estimate based on the initial home designs. We’ll make any changes necessary until you’re completely happy with the proposal before contracts are drawn up.


We’ll draw up a Master Builders contract to be signed by all parties. This will be written in plain English without any confusing construction or legal jargon.


We’ll organise a timeline from the beginning of construction all the way through to handover. We’ll provide regular progress updates and schedule fortnightly site meetings so you can watch over your new home as it’s brought to life.


Together, we’ll conduct a detailed inspection when your home is nearly complete. If there is anything you’re concerned about, we’ll attend to these issues and complete any finishing touches. You will then receive a handover pack with warranties, certificates and a list of contractors that worked on your home, in case of any issues down the track.

Ongoing Commitment

We’ll attend to any issues or defects for the first three months. We also provide a 10 year warranty for structural defects and two year warranty for any non-structural issues.


Experience everyday luxury in your remarkable new home.


Create the blueprints for your new home?Contact Peter directly for a consultation and start planning your next project with us.

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