Compare The pair: Modern v Heritage Restoration

Whether you are looking to create your dream home from scratch, or breathe new life into a pre-loved period beauty, there are lots of things to consider when it comes to a modern or heritage restoration build.

Maybe it has always been a dream of yours to renovate a heritage-listed property and bring a backstory to your vision. Collaborating with the bones of the building, its unique charm, and the right builder to bring modern solutions to a historical masterpiece.

Perhaps you have imagined the pure joy of designing a custom build from the ground up with a design and construct service. Every choice is yours to make, and the possibilities are endless.

No matter your choice, we here at SECON Constructions can help guide you to your dream destination. Modern? Heritage? We are skilled at both and will deliver results with exceptional service.  

First Time Love

A modern restoration brings with it a fresh start. From façade to flooring, and the unique features that will reflect your personal style. A modern build offers countless options to you as you are the visionary in how this space will come to life. There’s an effortless synergy found within the adventure of a new build as you can cater for every detail to serve your ultimate vision.

If, like us, you’re passionate about sustainability, a modern build offers fantastic opportunities for cohesion between the unique aspects of the home, the longevity of its materials, and the environmental impact on its surroundings. A modern build also gives you the flexibility of options around indoor/outdoor size, number of bedrooms, entertaining areas, and garden design.

If that sounds like the right choice for you, we recommend our design and construct service that allows our clients to undertake the conceptualisation and building of their new homes under one roof. You’ll have exclusive access to our architect and interior designer, who’ll work with our construction team to make the building journey as seamless as possible.

Rekindled Romance

A heritage home restoration can be every bit as romantic as it can be challenging. It’s been said that the journey is equally as important as the destination. Restoring a period piece is just that, a rewarding adventure of innovation and adaptation within the bounds of existing architecture and council-defined limitations. Honouring the integrity of the home and its past will bring a deep sense of satisfaction to the restorer and their counterparts.

If you’ve fallen in love with an era architecturally, and you own a home that reflects this design, you are given the freedom to decorate and synergise with the exterior and antiquity in a fun and interesting way. You might find it exciting to source materials that reflect this time period and rise to the challenge of creating a cohesive home that will reflect its former beauty as a current reality. Sourcing and repurposing materials within the restoration project can be another way to partner with the unique character of the home, while working with and within the constraints of its character.

At SECON, our specialist team understands how important it is to preserve the unique character of your existing home. We’re passionate about maintaining its charm, while adding modern touches to maintain its integrity.

Carefully Considered

Your budget, time constraints, and council restrictions – will it be your forever home or a savvy investment? These are all important considerations in assisting your decisions to build a new home or take on a heritage restoration project.

Choosing the right builder, architect, and designer for your project will positively influence and ensure all steps and processes are executed correctly. Communication, forward planning, and collaboration every step of the way are the keys to a successful build, no matter which path is taken.

Considering unplanned costs and road bumps in a heritage restoration are important to think about before taking on the task of restoring an aged beauty and mitigating the risk involved.

The longevity and lifespan of materials used in a build, the overall feel of the home and your personal preference around old versus new, will inform your decision of which path to take.

The Right Choice For You

Ultimately, it’s about your lifestyle and what’s going to be best or financially viable. To ensure you begin your construction journey on the right foot, partner with a trusted and passionate builder who is committed to your vision and construction journey – every step of the way.

Considering a modern or heritage restoration build? Get in touch with our expert team today.     

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