The Art Of Restoring Heritage Homes: Replicating Details From Centuries Past

As Melbourne’s trusted experts in home renovations and extensions, we know a thing or two about preserving the charm and character of a heritage home – all while adding elements from the present.

If you ask our director Peter Considine, he describes the rewarding building journey as deconstructing the home internally and then putting it back together.

“The reward at the end, by far for me, outweighs a new home because you’re paying tribute to the old architecture. But you’re also creating a bit of history,” says Peter.

“It’s all about standing back and looking at what we’ve produced, knowing it’s going to last the test of time.”

Keep on reading to learn more about the art of restoring heritage homes!

Getting The Right Approval

Before the restoration begins, it’s always wise to read up on the heritage laws surrounding your home and local area. Heritage homes are chock-full of history, which is why many local councils are committed to protecting them.

Being aware of any existing heritage laws will help you avoid your restoration grinding to a halt midway through the project because you don’t have the right permits. Not to mention the fines and additional construction expenses that may arise.

As experienced builders in home restoration, we will adhere to heritage building restrictions and council regulations to make sure we have chosen the safest approach to restore your classic home.

Sourcing The Right Materials For Your Heritage Home

Early Victorian, Edwardian, Mid Victorian, or Queen Anne – heritage homes aren’t all the same! 

At Secon Constructions, we understand just how important it is to preserve the distinct character of your existing heritage home. That’s why we source and create the precise materials needed from scratch to match your project, paying plenty of attention to the specific era in which the home was built.

But, if you’d rather blend the past and present, we can also fuse your classic heritage design with modern elements to achieve the best of both worlds.

Expert Problem Solving

Restoring a heritage home can often be a complicated case. Our Brighton renovation project, for example, was extremely rundown when its owner first approached us. From several past renovation works that needed to be stripped away to wet-rot, leaking roofs, and sunken footings – this home needed a lot of work. That said, we were up for the challenge!

Part of restoring a heritage home is seeing the potential, working as a team to conquer hurdles, and approaching every restoration with delicate care. Our aim is to always protect and pay homage to the original design of your home, while ensuring it is fully functional to suit your modern lifestyle.

Working With You

Whether you’re in Armadale, Malvern, Port Melbourne, Middle Park, Brighton, Hampton or anywhere else in Melbourne’s inner south or bayside areas, we can help you restore your heritage home – or guide you through a contemporary home renovation. Either way, we’re the construction team for you.

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