Three questions to ask our architect

At Secon Constructions, our design and construct process aims to streamline your residential building project, bringing the entire construction journey under one roof and creating a single point of contact for your entire project.

Our entire team of experts work together to make sure your new home is designed and built to the highest standard. And one of the key people during the design phase is the architect.

They are responsible for ensuring your design not only works structurally, but seamlessly, incorporating all the elements on your ‘new home wish list’. Make sure you get the very best out of their service by asking them these three questions.

1. What stages are involved in the design and construct process?

Building your new home is made easy when you understand the process, starting with the architect phases. With a Secon Constructions design and construct build, you’ll benefit from having a builder, interior designer and architect working together from the very first stages, so everyone is on the same page.

When you build with us, we will take you through the following stages:

Project Assessment

We provide you with a development feasibility and building recommendation.

Concept Design and Sketch

We cover predesign services and site analysis, schematic design, and design development. We also investigate property information and services.

Town Planning Submission (if required)

We provide preparation of documentation to obtain a planning permit and a project construction cost estimate based on the above.

Building Permit Application and Formal Quotation

Once the planning permit is obtained, we will produce the following documentation to obtain a building permit and a formal fixed price quotation will be provided.

-Construction Documentation Construction & Interior fitout


-Energy Assessment and Geotechnical Reports

Building Contract Signing

Once the formal quotation is accepted a Building contract is drawn up and signed.

2. How long before we receive a building permit or planning permit?

Permits often cause the delays on projects, as many builders don’t account for how long these actually take. Most building and planning permits will take six to twelve months, but the actual timeline will depend on the project and whether any objections are received.

The permit process is complex, as it involves a number of consultation, assessment and decision making stages, but technically, all councils are required to follow a statutory time frame: 60 days, as per the Planning and Environment Act.

Where it can become complicated is these 60 days don’t have to be consecutive and they can be paused or reset, depending on requests for information or amendments.

As the trusted home restoration and new home experts in Melbourne’s inner suburbs and Bayside area, we have an extensive understanding of what’s required for building and planning permits, limiting delays.

3. What do I need to do in order to brief our architect/builder? 

In order to make the design process as simple and seamless as possible, we need to know your top priorities and non-negotiables. This should include:

  • How many bedrooms
  • How many bathrooms
  • Inclusion of a garage
  • How many living spaces and where
  • Any other must-haves

We would then also need a list a ‘nice-to-haves’ – design elements that you would love in your new home, but aren’t a necessity. As your builder and architect, we will always try and include these, but this will depend on your budget, timelines and site.

Ready to talk with our architect now? Get in touch and we will set up a meeting so you can begin your architectural building journey today!

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