Designing Modern Interiors in Heritage Homes

Heritage homes are incredible time capsules that are sought after for their grandeur and sentimental charm. While their architectural elements may be timeless, their functionality may require some updating.

A challenge that can often arise is how to preserve your heritage home’s unique character while elevating its functionality to meet your family’s needs both today and into the future.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of these challenges and solutions that can be applied to modernising the interior of your Heritage Home.

The challenges of modernising a heritage home

 Along with the striking facades and decorative architraves, heritage homes can come with archaic challenges. Often, heritage homes feature divided living quarters, smaller windows with less natural light seeping through, and outdated water and electrical services. The task then becomes to preserve as much character as possible while creating an inviting, contemporary living space.

Modernising a heritage home isn’t as simple as knocking down and starting from scratch. Heritage renovations come with their very own rules and regulations that must be upheld.

Due to this, it pays to choose a heritage renovation specialist who’s not only across the local regulatory parameters but has the expertise to achieve the best results while preserving as much legacy as possible.

At Secon Constructions, modernising the interiors of heritage homes is a delicate dance between preserving the past and embracing the future. We understand the significance of striking this balance and presenting strategies that seamlessly integrate modern functionality with the unique character of the space.

Solutions to modernise your heritage home

At Secon Constructions we’ll always sit down with our clients to better understand their vision and lifestyle to see how we can craft an aesthetic and functional home that works for them.

Here are some of the ways we accommodate our clients’ lifestyles in their heritage renovation while maintaining the beauty and character of the original build.

Open Plan Living

Space plays a large role in the overall flow and feel of a home. Where possible, we remove non-weight-bearing walls to create an open-plan living space in the kitchen, dining and living area. Not only does this brighten up the heart of the home by letting natural light flow throughout the space, but it creates a greater opportunity for connection and quality time.

Natural Lighting

Where open-plan living isn’t a possibility, we look at increasing the warmth and ambiance of a heritage home with feature skylights and large floor-to-ceiling windows.

Leveraging Technology

From including more power points throughout your home and utilising triple-insulated windows, to heated tiles in the master ensuite, we always strive to harness technology to enhance your living experience.

Flooring Fusion

One of the key elements in designing modern interiors for heritage homes is the choice of flooring materials.  By combining different materials, a bridge is formed between the past and the present. Timber floors pay homage to the nostalgia of the home, while plush carpets in bedrooms can introduce comfort and warmth.

Fixture Selection

Fixtures play a pivotal role in harmonising modern and heritage aesthetics. Secon Constructions excels in the art of selecting fixtures that bridge the gap between the old and new. The result is an interior that flows seamlessly, embracing both styles and contributing to the overall design cohesiveness.

Preserving Fireplaces

Fireplaces are not only architectural features but also integral to the history of heritage homes. By maintaining fireplaces, the historical ambiance of the space remains intact while aligning with modern living needs.

Interested to see how our team of heritage experts at Secon Constructions can transport your heritage home into the modern day? Contact us today to book a discovery call.

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