Reimagining The Modern Classic Home

Want to know how to fuse both classic and modern home styles and still achieve a remarkable outcome? This project was a lesson in creating a modern home while adding distinctive classic and unique touches. Our client wanted a modern foundation for this project, yet also wanted to weave in some truly unique details while paying homage to a time long ago.

The brief for this project was extensive; the client wanted to knock down a single-storey home and create a three-storey, three-bedroom abode with adaptable spaces such as a separate formal dining area through a secret door, and a dedicated sitting room with built-in bookshelves and fireplace. The client also wanted a large kitchen with a butler’s pantry and dining space within proximity of the kitchen island bench. All this was to lead seamlessly into the outdoor courtyard to create a bright and airy entertaining area.

We worked with interior designer AnaΒ Letina to bring this project to life, creating a bold, playful interior that was truly distinctive. This new home gives a not-so-subtle nod to a time when elegant carpentry was featured heavily across the walls, ceilings and floors.

The carpentry was a key feature repeated consistently throughout the home, so we dedicated time to perfecting all the intricate details, including wainscotting, dado rails, luxuriously high skirting boards, replica heritage cornices, bespoke aged brass fittings and trims between floor finishes.

On the exterior of the home, we embraced modern minimalistic elegance on each and every corner, leading right up to the entrance. In the entrance, a simple brass inlay gives way to the beautifully composed custom solid timber door with intricate brass fittings, which entices visitors into the home.

Throughout the build, we faced several challenges, such as gaining access to the site in a particularly narrow street. The new home was built within millimetres of the neighbouring properties where future-proofing works were required to protect the surfaces that would become unreachable. In order for us to incorporate all the opulent feature details and natural materials requested for this build, we needed to strategise and prepare well in advance. Ultimately, this preparation and attention to detail ensured an impeccable, high-quality finish, one that would even be able to withstand the wear and tear of two teenage boys!

This project proves that new homeowners truly can have it all; a modern home with classic, elegant touches and ample space for a growing family to thrive. Above all, we helped this client realise that there are a multitude of ways to inject personality into a new home and make it utterly unique.

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